Cardiology Unit

Cardiology Unit


The Cardiology Unit provides services in heart – vein illnesses, congenital heart diseases, ryhthm problems of the heart and other heart related illnesses. The diagnosis tools are commonly electrocardiography, effort test, myocard scintigraphy, 24 hour ECG and 24 hour blood pressure monitoring (Holter).

Some of the main areas are;

-Blood pressure problems (High / Low)

-Chest pain (Coronoray arterial disease and by-pass patients)

-Aryhthmia, ryhthm failures

-Rheumatoid heart failures

-Heart failures

-Pericardial illnesses

-Arterial failures


Atasehir Neighborhood 8019/ Street No: Cigli/IZMIR

+90 232 715 40 00

+90 232 715 40 99

+ 90 538 597 07 45

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