Neurology Unit

Neurology Unit


Our neurology unit provides outpatient and inpatient services both for diagnosis and treatment utilising the latest technology equipment and through EEG and EMG in our neurology laboratory.



Some of the main areas are;

-Headaches (migraine and other tension type aches)

-Vertigo Balance loss, falls, parasthaesia ( numbness of the face, ringing of the ear)

-Dementia ( Alzheimer and other dysmnesia/ memory problems )

-Parkinson disease and other motion disorders

-Peripheral neuropathies ( neural compressions , neuropathic pains)

-Neck hernia ( neck pain, arm pain, numbness )

-Hernia of the loins (back pain, leg pain, numbness)

-Brain vascular diseases ( strokes, cerebral hemorrhage )

-Facial paralysis

-Tremors (hands, legs ), flailers of mouth and eye

-Restless leg syndrome( pain, burning and restlessness of the legs)

-Lateral or bi lateral eye disorders ( optical neuropathy, double vision)

-Brain tumors , spine diseases

-MS ( multiple schlerosis )


-*Muscular disorders

-Epilepsy ,

-Sleep disorders

-EMG and EEG

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