Biology Laboratory Unit

Biology Laboratory Unit


Our biology laboratory provides service for outpatients, in patients and intensive care patients so that they can receive their results at most in three hours, depending on the type of test.

Our laboratory uses state of the art technology which is fully automated.

Tests and methods are selected in a manner to reduce the duration to 45 minutes.


Some of the instruments of our laboratory;

-2 hemogramme instruments of 22 parameters laser with 5 parts formulation

-Biochemical analyzer with a capacity 640 tests an hour

-Hormone analyzer of chemical immunoassay methodology with a capacity of 240 tests an hour 4 channels coagulation instrument

-Bilirubin measurement for neonatals taking the blood from heels

-Urine analayzer and other supportive equipment

Some of the tests of our laboratory:

-Diagnosis and follow up of diabetes

-Diagnosis and follow up of cardiological problems

-Kidney function tests

-Liver function tests Infection and rheumatoid dieseases

-Thyroid function tests

-All hormone tests including Vitamin D3, Insulin, etc. which help Gynecology and Urology specialist physicians’ diagnosis

-Pre In Vitro Fertilization Tests

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