Psychiatry Unit

Psychiatry Unit


The barriers and challenges we face in life sometimes can overburden us spiritually and we may have psychological issues due to life events or due to our physical illnesses. As a unit we provide support to our patients medically or with psycho therapy.

Our specialist physicians offer appropriate treatment in line with the necessities and needs such as stress and anger management support, individual psychotherapy, couples therapy, family therapy or parent consultancy as well as pharmachological treatments.


Some of the main areas are;


-Psychotic disorders ( Schizophrenia…)

-Bipolar ( Manic Deppressive) disorder

-Anxiety disorders ( Panic disorder, Performance anxiety, Social Phobia, Exam Anxiety, Post Trauma Stress, Obsessive Disorders)

-Alcohol – Substance Addiction disorders

-Behaviour – Impulse control disorders ( Gambling, Shopping addictions…)

-Sleep disorders

-Attention defficiency disorder

-Anger management

-Weight control and eating behaviours

-Stress management

-Grief process and difficulties

-Interpersonal relations

-Consultancy for increasing Professional and academic performance

-Geriatric psychology

-Pre nuptial consultancy

-Divorce process consultancy

-Individual psychotherapy

-Psychological support during pregnancy and breast feeding

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