Didim, which is in the Aegean region of Turkey and affiliated to the province of Aydin, has always been a popular settlement from the ancient times until the day. Didim(Turkey), which has been dominated by many civilizations since ancient times, is also an important holiday centre of Turkey and World tourism nowadays. Historical sites in Didyma are also quite extensive, as they are home to many cultures in history.With its historical places, natural beauties to visit and blue sea,Didim is the sight of Turkish and World holidays. Didyma is one of the most stunning coastal cities with its unique historical texture, golden beaches and magnificent village. With the best Altinkum Beach in the Aegean Region, Didyma is home to the Temple of Apollo, one of the most important and largest temples in the world. Many European people live in the city, especially the English. With its shopping centres, Didim is open for all seasons to visit. One of the most important and magnificent places that Didim should be seen for is the Temple of Apollo: It is a must to see this historic building during Didyma tour. The Temple of Apollo was built in the 8th century BC in the name of Apollo, The God of Sun. In mythological times this city was known as the centre of the priests. Didyma Apollon Temple is one of the three biggest temples in the world. We have compiled a few alternatives for you to visit and see in your Didyma Holiday.










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