HEREDOTUS known as “Father of History” was born in Halicarnassus (ancient name of Bodrum) in 484 BC and according to him Bodrum was founded by the Dorians. The next settlers were Carian and Lelegians. In 650 BC, Megarians were expanded the city and have changed its name to Halicarnassus.In 386 BC, Bodrum came under Persian rule. Halicarnassus’ most brilliant period was in 353 BC when it became the capital of Caria Region. The Mausoleum, one of the world’s Seven Wonders, was built in this period by Artemisia, the wife and sister of King Mausolos, in his honor.
In 192 BC, Bodrum changed hands to Romans nevertheless it did not show a significant improvement during this period. In 395 AD, it passed into the hands of Byzantines and in XIst Century AD into the hands of Turks. In the 1st Crusader Wars, it passed into the hands of Byzantines and in the XIVth Century again into the hands of Turks. In 1415, it changed hands to Knights of Rhodes. As to 1522, during the period of Süleyman the Magnificent, it joined again to the Ottoman Empire.Its name has been changed to Bodrum after the proclamation of the republic.



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