Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message


We have been working in line with our mission and vision since our foundation in 2002. We feel honored to have evolved into CAN MEDICAL GROUP in our journey which has started 15 years ago at Salihli Can Hospital.

We are now providing our services through our hospitals in Salihli and İzmir and through “CAN SOCIAL” which focuses primarily on the women and children with social responsibility activities.

Bearing in mind the motto of “all things related to good and beautiful are possible”, Can Medical Group plays an active role in various social activities besides giving high quality health services. We have always believed in the fact that health is a holistic process, thus we know that it is not sufficient to just to heal, we feel it is very important to maintain the state of wellness. This is the reason why we are actively participating in all of the areas related to the wellness of the individual and the society.

Health is priceless, is the most important indicator of presence. Sustainable health and wellness requires us to go beyond treatment to protect and maintain it. When we talk about health, we do not just mean physical health. In order to speak about wellness, spiritual and social health are also required. We plan and design all our processes accordingly.

We are on a journey that is constantly leading us to new height. Success in this journey will manifest with the participation and contribution of all of us. We are all responsible. Creating improvement will only be possible with professionalism, effort and with you….”WITH YOU, ALL IS POSSIBLE.”

We feel accountable for carrying you to a healthy future. We will continue to be present here so that you will be receiving reliable service and live healthily.

You just keep holding on to your hopes and dreams, we will protect your health.

Our sincere wishes,

Dr. Muzaffer KESKİNER

Can Medical Group Chairman of the Board

Atasehir Neighborhood 8019/ Street No: Cigli/IZMIR

+90 232 715 40 00

+90 232 715 40 99

+ 90 538 597 07 45

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