Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian Butt Lift is a specific type of fat transfer procedure where fat is taken from one part of the body and then reused to augment the buttocks. Frequently, the fat is taken from the lower back and flanks, also known as love handles, in order to increase the relative proportion of the waist to the buttocks. This also gives patients a beautifully contoured hourglass shape. By adding volume to the upper portion of the buttocks, patients can attain the appearance of a butt lift without the need for a secondary procedure.

In order to understand what a Brazilian Butt Lift is, patients must first understand how a fat transfer is performed. A fat transfer works by harvesting fat from a donor location, such as the back or flanks, using liposuction. Then, the fat is purified and this purified fat is injected back into the buttocks to add volume and shape.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is an attractive procedure for patients who prefer natural enhancement over implants. However, it does not work to remove excess skin and patients who have lost significant weight may need an additional or alternative procedure, such as a lower body lift, in order to achieve their desired results.

Our doctors in are highly trained and experienced in performing fat transfer procedures and b in particular, Brazilian Butt Lifts. The other alternative is the Silicone Implants what is confirmed by FDI.

Benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift

  • No chance of an allergic or adverse reaction to foreign matter
  • Extremely safe
  • Minimal to no scarring
  • Lasting fat removal results through liposuction
  • Long lasting augmentation results
  • Natural look and feel
  • Incredible body contouring results in a single procedure

The Procedure

The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia. It is typically performed as an outpatient procedure and takes about four hours to complete. The procedure itself can be broken down into three main steps.

  1. The fat will be harvested from a donor location(s) on the body using VASER liposuction. In a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, the donor locations are frequently the lower back and flanks. Many patients find that by taking fat from these areas and simultaneously amplifying the size of the buttocks, they achieve optimal contour and proportion. However, the doctor will work with the patient to determine the best donor location for their body. Some other locations may include the upper arms, abdomen, inner and outer thighs, or knees.
  2. The fat is then purified to separate out unwanted materials out of the fat so that only the most viable fat remains for injection to the buttocks.
  3. Finally, the purified fat is injected into the buttocks using a very small syringe. Only small amounts of fat are injected at a time and the fat is injected at varying depths. This helps the buttocks retain the maximum amount of fat possible.

Depending on the extent of the patient’s procedure, the procedure can take four hours or more. Patients should make arrangements for a ride home from the procedure prior to surgery.


Brazilian Butt Lifts do require a significant amount of recovery time relative to other procedures. Patients should plan on spending about two to three weeksrecovering from their surgery as they must rest on their stomach or side for a while as to not disturb the fat graft.

Directly following the operation, patients will be outfitted with compression garments that will aid in healing and recovery. It is important that patients wear the garments for the prescribed amount of time following their procedure. However, patients should not put direct pressure on their buttocks for at least six weeks. They will be instructed to sit on a cushion in order to redistribute their weight to other parts of the body. When possible, they should lie on their side or stomach.

Over the course of recovery, patients may experience some bruising and swelling around the liposuction sites and buttocks. This is normal and will resolve itself over the course of two to three weeks. However, patients can aid in the recovery process by avoiding anti-inflammatory medications and taking frequent, but brief, walks. In order to help minimize discomfort following surgery, patients will be given a prescription from one of our doctors.

More detailed information about the recovery will be provided when the patient speaks with one of our doctors during their consultation.


The results from a Brazilian Butt Lift will be immediately noticeable and continue to improve as swelling diminishes over the course of two to three weeks following the procedure. However, the fat will continue to take to the new area and settle into it’s final resting position for up to six months. The results are long lasting. Nonetheless, significant weight loss or weight gain may negatively impact the results. For this reason, it is important that patients maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen prior to and following the procedure.

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