Diabetes Surgery

Diabetes Surgery

"Gastric bypass surgery has become a popular option for obese people who want to shed
pounds quickly, but diabetics also have something to gain from the procedure: the surgery can
resolve type 2 diabetes".
Diabetes currently affects more than 150 million people worldwide and that number is
expected to quickly increase. Over 90% of people with the disease have the Type 2 form, which
is associated with obesity and overweight, lack of physical activity, family history and older age.
Unlike Type 1 diabetes in which the pancreas fails to produce sufficient insulin, the pancreas in
patients with Type 2 diabetes produces enough insulin, but for unknown reasons, the body is
unable to use the insulin. Diabetes can lead to blindness, heart and blood vessel disease, strokes,
kidney failure, amputations, and nerve damage. Current therapies, which include diet, exercise,
oral antidiabetic drugs and insulin, do not always cure the disease.

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