Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully prior to submitting your booking. The following terms and your booking details will be the reference points governing our transaction.

Within the scope of these terms and conditions;
– ‘You’ describes the person of legal age whose name is on the confirmation.
– ‘We’ describes Can Hospitals.
– ‘Means of communication’ may be phone calls, e-mails and direct messages sent from you to us and vice versa.
– ‘Ancillary Costs’ describe any costs that you will be liable to pay in addition to procedure related expenses.
– ‘Cancellation fee’ describes the fee charged by us to cover our administrative expenses following a cancellation.
– ‘Consent Form’ describes the authorization form that empowers Can Hospitals to charge the deposit payment through your credit card.
– ‘Consultation’ describes the verbal communication and physical examination conducted by one of our surgeons prior to your surgery.
– ‘Contract’ describes the agreement between you and us, which covers the booking and the terms and conditions.
– ‘Package’ describes the services which we have agreed to provide you and which are clearly described in your itinerary that is sent to you prior to your arrival.
– ‘Stay’ describes the period of time we will provide you our services as outlined in your itinerary.
– The following terms and conditions, together with your booking, will establish the contract between you and us and will be valid during your stay in Izmir, Turkey for treatment purposes. The contract will terminate with the end of your stay.

1. Witihin the package, the following will be covered;

1.1 The consultation with our surgeon in İzmir,Turkey and the procedure,
1.2 Private transport from Izmir airport to our partner hotel and return transport from the partner hotel to Izmir airport,
1.3 In-city transfers between our hospital and our partner hotel for the appointments with our surgeon,
1.4 An English/ French / German speaking patient coordinator who will be available to you 7/24 during your stay,
1.5 The pre-operation blood tests and routine pre-op protocol that will be implemented,
1.6 One medical garment related to the treatment you will recieve,
1.7 Your hospital stay as indicated in your itinerary,
1.8 Your accommodation at our partner hotel as indicated in your itinerary,
1.9 Accompanying person expenses covering hotel accommodation with bed and breakfast and full board hospital stay.
1.10 For campaign packages with due date and covering Flight costs, the following flight contributions will be applied;
For patients departing from;
The United Kingdom, the flight contribution will be up to GBP 400,
Germany, the flight contribution will be up to EUR 300,
Balkan countries, the flight contribution will be up to EUR 400.
France – Netherlands – Austria – Switzerland, our upper limit for flight contribution will be up to EUR 300.

2. The following items will not be included in the package;

2.1 Flights to / from Turkey – your flight expenses will be covered by yourself and you will be liable for flight alternatives and changes
2.2 Passport and visa costs,
2.3 Lunch and dinner costs during your stay at our partner hotel.

3. We will be expecting you to provide us with the following, prior to your travel;

3.1 The “ Pre-Surgery Anamnesis” form in which any medications you are currently taking and any existing illness you have are written,
3.2 Your emergency contact details,
3.3 Your flight details.

4. Details concerning your booking;

4.1 We will be sending you an e-mail confirming your booking as soon as we receıve your deposit payment and flight information,
4.2 This contract becomes valid with the booking confirmation e-mail.
4.3 At the booking stage, we need you to send us your passport details, the “ Pre-Surgery Anamnesis” form alongside your deposit payment.
4.4 Please note that in case you do not provide the above mentioned information timely or if the information you provide is incomplete or incorrect, you will be held liable for any problems or extra charges that could possibly occur. We reserve the right to either end the contract with immediate effect or make an additional charge to compensate for any extra procedure that will be required.

5. Payment;

5.1 Upon deciding on the procedure, a deposit / reservation fee amounting to 20% of the total price you are quoted will be required to secure your booking. The deposit / reservation fee can be paid either by bank transfer or no card present payment method (mail order).
5.2 The remaining balance of the package will be expected to be paid by you upon your arrival to our hospital.

6. Changes and cancellations on your side;

6.1 We will try to put into effect any changes that you wish to make on your itinerary as long as you give us planning time. In the case the changes can be implemented, we will inform you on any differences in either the fees, the timescales of the services or other issues. The mentioned changes should be confirmed in writing by you in order for us to put them into effect.
6.2 In the case a surgery date is not yet determined, any cancellation made by you will be subject to a refund of 25% of the deposit / reservation fee. 75% of the deposit/reservation fee will be subject to cancellation fee and not refunded. In the case a surgery date is scheduled, no refunds will be applicable.

7. Changes and cancellations on our side;

7.1 If your procedure is postponed by us due to conditions beyond our control, we will immediately inform you. In case the mentioned delay exceeds 30 (thirty) days, we will refund your deposit/ reservation fee in full.
7.2 Can Hospitals reserves the right to make changes within the selection of the operating doctors. In case the aforementioned surgeon is changed, you will be given prior notice.

8. Passport, Visa and Health Requirements;

8.1 Your passport should be valid for minimum 6 (six) months following your departure date.
8.2 Please note that it is your responsibility to obtain a visa for entry into Turkey. You can acquire the visa upon arrival in Turkey or obtain an e-visa online. [https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/]
8.3 You should confirm with your doctor whether any vaccinations and/or medication are required.

9. Travel Details;

9.1 2(two) weeks prior to your arrival, we will send an e-mail to you confirming all the details on; Airport pick up time and date, The procedure and the remaining balance, The address of the hospital and partner hotel, and Your patient coordinator’s contact information.
9.2 You are responsible for notifying us in advance if a companion will accompany you during your stay.
9.3 Your accommodation will cover 3-nutritious meals in our Hospital for you and your companion and bed and breakfast at our partner hotel.

10. Loss or Damage;

10.1 We are responsible to you for the foreseeable loss and damage we may cause either effecting the contract or failing to provide the necessary care and skill.

11. Miscellaneous;

11.1 In the event of a dispute between us, you undertake to attempt to settle the dispute by engaging in good faith with us in a process of mediation before commencing arbitration or litigation.
11.2 This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted according to the laws of Republic of Turkey and any legal proceedings in respect of this contract shall be brought before to the jurisdiction of the Izmir courts and execution offices, without giving effect to conflict of law principles thereof.
11.3 All Patient medical records received by us will be held in the strictest confidence in secured electronic files and will not be disclosed to 3rd parties.
11.4 You agree to comply with surgeon’s decision if blood tests you get done prior to procedure result in the surgery to be cancelled or postponed due to professional opinion forcing it to be performed later or not performed. Therefor, you are suggested to reveal any information regarding your past and current medical history transparently.

12. Malpractice;

In case of a malpractice, a corrective surgery will be performed by one of our surgeons without any expense on your side.

13. Before and After Photos

You agree to send us your before and after photos, which you will be requested to share with us for follow-up purposes. The photos that do not reveal your identity can be used for advertising purposes and posted on all our social media pages and website.