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Why Choose Can Hospitals?

Your safety is our priority at Can Hospitals. Reaching state of the art healthcare with well qualified Doctors and staff is the main idea for our motivation. Can Hospitals is a globally known healthcare organization giving health service on all medical and surgical branches.

Our First Hospital had been established on 2003 at Salihli, Turkey and then our journey to modern healthcare service started in Turkey.Salihli Can Hospital had taken the quality award from TUV-CERT on 2008 and since then it became the main reference Hospital at Aegean Region with 127 beds

Free E-Consultation Can Hospitals

Free E-Consultation

Free audio & virtual e-consultation with health advisors is available.

Free E-Consultation Can Hospitals

Accredited Hospital

Fully licensed and credentialed for admission of international patients.

Free E-Consultation Can Hospitals

No Waiting List

Thanks to large hospital capacity and large number of surgical specialist there is no waiting list.

Free E-Consultation Can Hospitals

Global Standards

Advanced in medical technology offering a wide range of treatments and services. Fully equipped suite patient rooms with ultra clean air technology.

Free E-Consultation Can Hospitals

“Catch-All” Health Care Facility

From Gastroenterology, Obesity & Metabolic Surgery to Aesthetic & Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, there is 32 medical departments in your service.

Free E-Consultation Can Hospitals

Excellent Bed-Side Manner

Doctors in assorted specialties, highly skilled nursing staff, various medical technicians, health care administrators.

International Patient Guide

Upon the first contact for medical couching and consulting services followed by the arrival at Can Hospitals here are the priviliges of having treated by Can Hospitals. For all queries and questions, urgent and non-emergent questions & concerns you can call our call center on
+90 (232) 715 40 00    UK Toll Free :   +44 758 720 53 06.

Second Medical Opinion from Top Rated Can Hospitals Doctors & Early Booking Benefits.

Our experienced & multi-language speaking team, who will inform you about the doctor, price ranges, concierge services and more, contacts you and makes all necessary arrangements concerning your appointment and answers all of your questions to put your mind at ease.

Physical Examinations

Physical consultation with renowned doctors and anesthesiologists before surgery.

Luxury Hotel Stay

Luxury hotel stay for you to feel the comfort of your home during your medical journey to Can Hospitals Izmir Turkey.

24-Hour Health-Care & Emergency Ambulance

Hospital stay with 24-hour care service in the VIP patient room and Emergency Service during your stay for emergency situations.

Personal Assistance During Your Stay

You will be greeted by your interpreter who will assist you during your medical trip.

Post-Surgery Follow up

Upon your return home we follow your recovery period with your doctor and give necessary instructions.

Interpretation Services

Do not be worried about the language barrier. We provide interpretation services during all of your hospital visits.

VIP Shuttle Service for Airport & In-City Transportation from/to Can Hospitals

We arrange your VIP in-city transfers, being accompanied with an English/German/French speaking interpreter.

Cafe Can at your service for your and companions’ needs.

We serve you with daily fresh and quality products.

Free wi-fi connection to keep you connected to the loved ones

We provide fast, safe and uninterrupted service



Operating Rooms

Medical Doctors

Healthcare Staff


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Patients from Europe

Patients from the United Kingdom

Successful Excimer Laser

Successful Cataract Surgery

Successful Cosmetic Surgery

Successful Weight-Loss Surgery


Gastric Sleeve

It is a surgical method that the biggest volume of the stomach is removed in order to rebuild a stomach at a limited volume for weight loss purposes. It is performed by a laparoscopic approach by designing your stomach structure as a tube with a limited capacity...

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Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeover is at the forefront of high demand plastic surgery, especially in recent years. The reason behind its popularity is the positive psychological impact and changes it makes in the lives of those who undergo it. Mommy makeover refers to a set of procedures...

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Excimer Laser

Most of us would like to quit wearing glasses, even contact lenses through perfect vision. That’s why excimer laser Technologies took the best interest of the vast majority of the people. It is used in order to correct eye disorders including nearsighted...

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As a definition, liposuction is the surgical aspiration of fat tissue under the skin. A good body shape and skin contours are achieved as a result of the procedure. It’s one of the most popular methods to reshape the body and get gorgeous results for good-looking...

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Gastric Botox

Are you concerned about your weight gain? Tried any methods and nothing changed? Bear in mind that you are not alone. If you are on the way to doing your best in a healthy way and looking for a proper method to reach your best shape, Gastric Botox is quite...

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The loss of transparency of the lens in the eye and its thickening and becoming clouded or opaque is called a cataract. Although it can be seen at any age starting from birth, the most common cause is aging in the lens. Although in most cases, cataracts are ...

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General Surgery

Our qualified Surgeons perform these surgical operations: -Alimentary tract surgeries including stomach, bowel, gallbladder, liver, and bowel surgery -Hemorrhoids and anorectal surgery -Tumour Surgery and Surgical Oncology -Thyroid disorders -Trauma surgery -Breast surgery (Including breast tumors and cysts)

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

All cosmetic procedures, body contouring, reconstructive surgery. augmentation procedures, mommy makeover.


Among the most common problems of the human body, dental problems including dental shape disorders, dental abscess, tooth decay and chin surgery, etc. causing serious disruption to our daily life comfort and bodily functions. As A Modern & Globally Standardized Hospital Can Hospitals Group is a huge health complex including a well equipped dental clinic and qualified healthcare team.


Diabetes Retinopathy Treatment, Excimer Laser Surgery, Phemto laser Cataract Surgery, General Ophthalmological Examination, Glocom treatment, Eyelid Disorders, Keratoconus, Retinal Detachment, Vision disorders.

Ear Nose Throat

-Allergic Rhinitis -Tonsillectomy operation -Tumours of head and neck -Ear problems and all ear operations -Treatment of snoring -Laser-assisted Larynx surgery -Sinusitis -Rhinoplasty Operation -Treatment of hearing problems

Health Check Up

Your health consists of many vital components,our Health Check Physician Onur Duygu MD explains the general aspects on state of the art Health Check procedures.


We are here to give you the best service, we are in contact 24/7


Ali Vefa Yuceturk

Prof.Dr. MD

Ear Nose Throat Specialist


Mesut Sipahi

Assoc.Prof. MD

General Surgeon


Burak Kocagozoglu


Ear Nose Throat Specialist


Remzi Fırıncıoğulları


Aesthetic, Plastic, Reconstructive Surgery Specialist


Ashley Cooke

Plastic Surgery, Rhinoplasty, Birmingham | United Kingdom

Can Hospital has very successful physicians and coordinator team. From assistants to sectarians, I was greeted very cordially. I had rhinoplasty operation and I am super satisfied. In all honesty my nose was rebuilt.


Plastic Surgery, Rhinoplasty, Birmingham | United Kingdom

I had my tummy tuck exactly a year ago by Dr.Remzi, the best surgeon hands down. I have referred so many people to him, just by seeing my result. And I promise to be back to do my breast augmentation. I love Can Hospital, very clean and staffs are amazing. Best surgery experience ever!

Aykan Cessur

Plastic Surgery, Rhinoplasty, Birmingham | United States

I don’t have enough words to express how I am happy with everyone especially dr.Remzi and entire hospital team. I had my rhinoplasty with him and I couldn’t be happier with my results it’s only been 6 weeks and I love what he did. It was an AMAZING job I had really thick skin nose and now I can’t believe how natural my nose looks thank god I went to him 1000% recommend him to anyone that’s looking to get a rhinoplasty… PS Izmir is an AMAZING city I had a great vacation out of it too.

Sarah Atkinson

General Surgery, Sleeve Gastrectomy | London / United Kingdom

For sleeve gastrectomy surgery, I talked to hundreds of clinics and hospitals before, I decided to come to Can Hospital. I was a little nervous and excited, but it was very comforting for me to be informed about every step taken. There was a slight pain on the first day. Really great hospital, great team, wonderful physicians and beautiful city.

Abbey C

Butt Lift | United Kingdom

All the nurses at the hospital and cleaning staff were so friendly and responsive I had my BBL done in December 2019 by Dr Remzi and my experience with him and the entire team at the Can Hospital was absolutely brilliant! Yesim was and has continued to be a great point of contact - she checked in on how I was doing (before, during and after my stay), clearly explained how the process will work and organised everything ready for my arrival with my guest, answering any question I had for Dr Remzi and just being a kind person to be around. She really goes above and beyond for her patients and is available at all hours of the day, such an...


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