Breast Reduction Surgery

Operation Duration
2-2.5 Hours
Hospital Stay
2 Nights
Total Stay
6 Days
Approximate Recovery
6 Weeks
Breast Reduction Surgery
Breast Reduction is a surgical procedure that is applied to the patients whose breasts are proportionately large for their body frame. The causes for large breasts may be hormonal changes, excessive weight gain, pregnancy and genetic factors. 

Women who need breast reduction surgery, may also be suffering from neck and lower back pain due to the sagging of the breasts.

Who is a good candidate for breast reduction surgery?

Women with breasts that are too large are good candidates for breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgery is especially recommended for women who have complaints such as poor posture and back pain depending on their breast size. 

Preoperative Evaluation

The targeted breast size is determined and the operation process is planned during the consultation between the patient and the surgeon. 

Surgical Procedure

In breast reduction surgery, sagging nipples are moved upwards and excess breast tissue is removed. After that, remaining tissue is reshaped for a youthful, lifted appearance. Although it may vary depending on the amount of sagging, the operation is usually performed through incisions in the form of a vertical line descending from the round areola.

The scar which resembles the shape of a lollipop, may be in the form of an inverted T-shaped in the inframammary fold in cases of excessively large and sagging breasts. These scars appear slightly red for the first two months, then they begin to fade to skin color and become less visible at the end of a year.

Postoperative Process

● Swelling and bruising are mild to moderate for 5-10 days.

● It is necessary to wear soft non-wired bras for four weeks.

● You can return to work after 3-7 days.

● You can drive after 3-4 days especially when the sensitivity in arm movements decreases.

● You should not lift weights for the first week.

● You can take a long walk after two weeks.

● You can start jogging after 3-4 weeks.

● You can start sports such as fitness and tennis after 4-5 weeks.

● The scars will heal around the sixth month.

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