Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck

Operation Duration

3.5 Hours

Hospital Stay

3 Nights

Total Stay

7 Days



Approximate Recovery

6 Weeks

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Abdominoplasty is an aesthetic surgery performed to remove excess loose skin from the abdominal area and tighten the abdominal muscles. In cases where the deformity extends beyond the anterior abdominal area, additional surgical interventions are required to correct all deformities. If there is only excess fat without sagging in areas such as thighs, hip and waist, a better body contour can be provided by combining liposuction with abdominoplasty. 

Who is a good candidate for Tummy Tuck?

Patients who are at their ideal weight and have deformities in abdomenal area for various reasons are good candidates for the surgery. Especially patients who have abdominal deformities after childbearing prefer tummy tuck surgery. In addition, tummy tuck surgery is also applied in case of skin sagging due to rapid weight loss after bariatric surgery. Men and women who have excess fat or skin around the area of their belly button that fails to respond to diet are good candidates for this surgery. Women planning future pregnancies should consider delaying having a tummy tuck until after pregnancy. In short, patients who are at their ideal weights and won’t give birth are good candidates for abdominoplasty.

Preoperative Evaluation

● The deformities in the abdomen are evaluated.

● Abdominoplasty can be performed partially or fully. The type of surgery is determined according to the ratio of excess skin and fat tissue.

● After a detailed physical examination and consultation, your plastic surgeon will inform you about possible risks, recovery process and what you need to do if there is no obstacle to your surgery.

● If you are a smoker, you should quit at least two weeks before the surgery. Of course it is better to quit smoking completely.

● If you have any infection such as flu, the surgery should be postponed. 

Surgical Procedure

The full tummy tuck surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Although the duration of the operation varies from person to person, it takes an average of 2-5 hours. The procedure is often performed by making an hip to hip incision along the bikini line. Sometimes it may be necessary to move the belly button. Excess fat tissue and sagging deformed skin are removed. The anterior abdominal wall muscles are tightened. The procedure is completed by placing temporary thin drains that will allow the removal of the fluid and blood that may collect in the area. 

Tummy Tuck Recovery Process

Since we perform tummy tuck surgery along with liposuction, even if you gain some weight after the surgery, fat in the abdominal area will not increase as before. The length of your hospital stay will be 1-3 days. In the first days, you may have swelling and pain that can be relieved with painkillers. The surgical drains are removed in 2-3 days. 

Resuming Exercise After Tummy Tuck Surgery

You can resume moderate-intensity exercises from the second week and you can do sports activities after the third month. 

Does a Tummy Tuck Surgery Leave a Scar?

The scar that may occur like a C-section scar begins to fade to skin colored tone after a year. We recommend that you protect your skin from the sun, avoid wearing dark-colored clothes and use a sunscreen for a few days after the surgery.

How much does Tummy Tuck Cost in Izmir, Turkey?

Abdominoplasty, another name for a tummy tuck operation, is a cosmetic surgery that involves removing extra skin and fat from the abdomen and tightening the underlying muscles to give the belly a flatter and more toned appearance. Stretch marks can emerge less prominently thanks to the therapy.

While the price of the treatment may vary depending on the needs and preferences of each patient, our hospital in Izmir provides reasonable costs and exclusive deals for those considering belly tuck surgery. In order to decide whether this operation is best for you and to go over your objectives and goals, it is crucial that you speak with a qualified healthcare practitioner. To learn more about our hospital’s services and how we can assist you in achieving your goals, get in touch with us right away.

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