Bichectomy Surgery

Bichectomy Surgery

Operation Duration

45 Mins

Hospital Stay

1 day

Total Stay

3 day



Approximate Recovery

5 days

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Bichectomy, commonly referred to as buccal fat removal, is a cosmetic surgical operation that eliminates excess cheek fat. By lowering the size and roundness of the cheeks, the technique aims to give the face a more defined appearance.

How is Bichectomy Surgery Performed?

Making small incisions inside the mouth is required for the surgery, which is normally carried out under local anesthesia. The buccal fat pads, which are found in the cheeks, will then have extra fat removed by the surgeon. The wounds are then stitched up using removable materials, and recovery time is usually minimal.

Why Should Turkey be Preferred for Bichectomy Surgery?

Turkish medical tourism has grown in popularity, and procedures like bichectomy surgery now frequently take place there. The high standard of healthcare in Turkey is one of the primary causes of this. The facilities are cutting-edge, and the surgeons and medical personnel have extensive training and expertise performing cosmetic surgery treatments. Additionally, the cost of the operation in Turkey is frequently significantly less than in other nations, making it a desirable choice for anyone looking to enhance the appearance of their cheeks.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Bichectomy Surgery?

The ability to shape a more defined facial appearance by lowering the size and roundness of the cheeks is one of the key benefits of bichectomy surgery. The surgery can enhance the appearance of the cheekbones and jawline as well as help with facial harmony and proportion.

Anesthesia and surgery have complications, including bleeding, infection, and scars, much like any medical operation. Additionally, not everyone may be a good candidate for the operation, and some patients may have problems or be unhappy with the outcomes. It is also crucial to keep in mind that the procedure’s outcomes might not be long-lasting and might need upkeep to keep their ideal appearance.


By lowering the size and roundness of the cheeks, bichectomy surgery is a cosmetic technique that can give the face a more defined appearance. The high standard of healthcare and affordable prices in Turkey make it a preferred location for medical tourism, including bichectomy operations. Although there are some potential risks and drawbacks to take into account, many patients are happy with the procedure’s outcomes and appreciate how their cheeks now look. The risks and advantages of any surgical operation should be thoroughly weighed before proceeding. The suitability of the surgery and what to anticipate from the results can be determined through a thorough consultation with a licensed and skilled surgeon.

How much does Bichectomy Cost in Izmir, Turkey?

A cosmetic operation called a bichectomy, often referred to as buccal fat reduction, involves eliminating extra cheek fat to give the face a more sculpted and contoured appearance. People who want to obtain a more defined and angular appearance but have a round or fat face frequently undergo the treatment. 

While the price of the treatment may vary depending on the needs and preferences of each patient, our hospital in Izmir provides reasonable costs and exclusive deals for those considering bichectomy surgery. In order to decide whether this operation is best for you and to go over your objectives and goals, it is crucial that you speak with a qualified healthcare practitioner. To find out more about our offerings and how we can assist you with achieving the face characteristics you want, get in touch with our hospital right away.

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