All-on-6 Dental Implants

All-on-6 Dental Implants

Operation Duration

3 Hours

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Approximate Recovery

2 Days

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An entire set of teeth can be replaced with six dental implants using the “All on 6” dental implant surgery. For maximum stability and support, it is a particular kind of implant-supported denture that is fixed in the jawbone. Patients who have lost most or all of their teeth or who have badly damaged teeth that cannot be salvaged can consider the All on 6 procedure.

How to do All on 6 Dental Implants?

Six dental implants are inserted into the upper or lower jawbone during the All on 6 surgery. The implants are thoughtfully positioned to improve denture stability and support. As the jawbone recovers and unites with the implants, a temporary denture is fastened to them after the implants have been inserted. Known as osseointegration, this process normally takes several months.

A permanent denture is created and affixed to the implants once the jawbone has recovered completely. The patient’s mouth is measured specifically for the denture, which is created to look and feel like natural teeth. The All on 6 procedure provides a long-lasting remedy for tooth loss and can greatly enhance a patient’s quality of life.

Why Turkey should be preferred for All on 6

For good reason, Turkey is growing in popularity as a dental tourism destination. Turkey provides affordable, high-quality dental care compared to many other nations. There are numerous highly qualified dentists in the nation who have received training in the newest dental procedures and technologies.

Turkey is a great option for people seeking All on 6 implants. Modern facilities and equipment are available at numerous dental clinics in Turkey that specialize in implant dentistry. All on 6 implants are a cheap alternative for patients thanks to Turkey’s much lower cost of the procedure compared to many other nations.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?


  • All-on-6 implants provide a long-lasting remedy for tooth loss and can greatly enhance a patient’s quality of life.
  • The All on 6 procedure requires fewer appointments and is less intrusive than regular dentures.
  • Compared to conventional dentures, All on 6 implants offer patients greater stability and support, enabling them to eat and speak with confidence.
  • The patient’s mouth is taken into account when creating the implant-supported denture, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit.


  • All-on-six implants need a large time and financial commitment. Surgery is required, and there are certain dangers involved, including infection or implant failure.
  • For their implants to last a long time, patients must commit to practicing proper oral hygiene and scheduling frequent dental appointments.

Finally, All on 6 implants provide a long-lasting remedy for tooth loss and can greatly enhance a patient’s quality of life. Turkey is a fantastic option for those looking for All on 6 implants since it provides high-quality dental care at an inexpensive price. Although there are certain drawbacks to the treatment, many patients find that the rewards outweigh the dangers. Consult a licensed dentist if you’re thinking about All on 6 implants to see if it’s the best option for you.

How much does All on 6 Cost in Izmir, Turkey?

A full arch of prosthetic teeth is supported by six dental implants using the “all-on-6” dental implants procedure. If you’re thinking about getting All-on-6 dental implants in Izmir, Turkey, it’s crucial to locate a reliable facility that can handle the required care.

Although we are unable to give exact costs, we advise getting in touch with a respected clinic in the region to find out more about their offerings. In our office, we provide a variety of dental implant treatments, such as All-on-6, to assist our patients in achieving a radiant and healthy smile. Please get in touch with us to learn more about our services and costs. We are devoted to offering our patients alternatives that are within their price range.

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