Smart Lens Applications

Smart Lens Applications

Operation Duration

20 Mins

Hospital Stay

0 Day

Total Stay

0 Day



Approximate Recovery

1 Days

More Info

With the developing optical technologies, “smart lens applications” are applied to people with many visual defects, allowing the person to get rid of glasses.

The question ” What is a smart lens ” or ” How is lens surgery performed?” are often among the most frequently asked questions. Most patients find those who have had smart lens surgery before going to the doctor and listen to the satisfaction of the patients themselves.

This surgery is performed under sterile operating room conditions using highly advanced conditions and general anesthesia is not required. It is a comfortable surgery in which the patient does not experience any pain. Getting rid of glasses afterwards makes an extremely positive contribution to the patient’s psychology.

The patient begins to see near and far with a clear image. Smart Lens application, which is a frequently used method especially in individuals over the age of 40, continues to give satisfactory results with the world-class lenses and successful surgical techniques used.

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