Penile Prosthesis

Penile Prosthesis

Operation Duration

1-2 Hours

Hospital Stay

3-4 Hours

Total Stay




Approximate Recovery

2 Days

More Info

Penile Prosthesis: What is it?

A penile prosthesis is two artificial cylinders that fill with fluid to allow the penis to become hard for an erection.  It is placed under the skin and within the erection parts of the penis.  These products have been utilized since 1973.

What does it treat?

A penile prosthesis is used to treat men with erectile dysfunction (inability to get an erection).  Most of these men have tried oral medication prior to placement of a penile prosthesis.  In addition, penile prosthesis can be a part of the treatment of Peyronie’s disease.  These products do not add length to the penis.  Most patients are very happy with the penis prosthesis after learning how to use it.

How does it work?

There are currently two basic types of penile prosthesis.  Both are very effective and should not change the feeling in the penis.Malleable penile prosthesis:These devices are a semi-solid tube with a central series of segments allowing the product to be shaped into position.  When interested in sexual activity, this prosthesis allows straightening in the upward direction.  When dressing, the prosthesis can be aimed downward.  The malleable prosthesis has extremely low failure rates and is easy to use.Inflatable penile prosthesis:An inflatable penile prosthesis allows fluid to be taken from a storage site and to fill cylinders within the penis.  A pump is placed in the scrotum next to the testicle so that the patient can inflate this when desired.  This prosthesis most closely mimics the normal erection.

Who should get one?

Any patient with erectile dysfunction is a possible candidate for a penile prosthesis.  It does require surgery for placement.  In general and based on American Urologic Association guidelines, patients should have a reason not to use oral treatment prior to consideration for prosthesis placement.

Does my insurance over a penile prosthesis?

Most insurance companies including Medicare do cover surgery for a penile prosthesis.

Is it painful?

Most patients experience some pain after the surgery due to swelling and inflammation.  This is generally short lasting.  Once the pain resolves, the patient can often begin to use the prosthesis.

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